October 1, 2023

Partner Acrobatics

With Agathe & Adrien

About This Workshop

In this partner acro workshop, Agathe and Adrien will teach some of their core technique and hand-to-hand partner acro concepts. They will also touch on the core values of their practice like consent, listening, communication, gender biases, trust, and safety. Through different exercises, participants will be able to solidify their technique in a safe environment, providing challenges regardless of their level.


10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cotton Mill


Participants should have a partner acrobatics practice that includes weight sharing—such as standing on thighs, step up entry into two highs, and basic L-basing vocabulary. You do not need a partner to attend.

18 & up or by permission of instructor

About The Coach

The duo, “Agathe & Adrien” graduated from the Circus School of Quebec in 2018. They work at the edge of circus, dance, and theater/performing arts. This multidisciplinarity allows them to develop a unique circus vocabulary. As emerging artists Agathe and Adrien started their career working for well established circus companies in Quebec, but needing to express their social and environmental values through a committed circus, they turned towards independent circus creations including Branché, Piece of Mind, Interact and now, N.Ormes.

Tired of the obsolete and toxic patterns of male/female relationships present in the circus world today; they combine the codes of circus, contemporary dance and performance art to create a rich, complex acrobatic language, as a part of a feminist approach to redefining standards. Check them out at www.agathe-adrien.com.

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