NECCA Needs your help!


Dear friends, students, creators, and fans of circus:
These are strange times indeed. Usually, when times get tough, we come together to celebrate our art as a community. We see NECCA as our “happy place” and rely on the joy, celebration, and connection it adds to our lives!

But, the current Covid-19 pandemic prevents just that.

Classes have been suspended, programs cancelled, and the very connection that brings us such joy has been put on pause until further notice.

We here at NECCA know it is imperative to do our part in keeping our students and community safe by suspending operations. But, that doesn’t make it easy! We miss seeing our students every day and delighting in their joys and successes. We are counting down the minutes until we can be together in person again.

Meanwhile the financial hurdle we face due to this shut down is significant, to say the least. We are getting creative, as we always do, and tightening our belt and hunkering down to wait it out. We don’t know what it will look like when this threat has past, but you can play a significant part in making sure we are prepared. A donation now can help us spring back into action when the time comes.


Please consider making a donation and ensure that our students have NECCA to come back to and that our staff will be able to continue the joyous work of sharing circus with our community. Help us make sure that this “happy place” continues to be there for everyone when they need it. After the fear, anxiety, and isolation of covid-19 has passed, people will need to celebrate, create, move their bodies, and find joy with others more than ever! You can help make sure this is possible.

Thank you for your support in so many ways. Thank you for being our amazing community and our extended family. We wish you safety and comfort in this uncertain time. And we look forward to celebrating and creating with you once again soon.

In health and in circus,
The NECCA team