Hello NECCA Community,


We hope and trust that you are staying well out there! And… well… we miss you! Have you been taking advantage of virtual classes? Finding ways to do circus in your living room and in your yard? Doing partner acrobatics with the family dog? Maybe even climbing the actual curtains by now?! (Note: we do not recommend the last one for obvious reasons.)

Whatever you’ve been up to, we hope that you have found ways to fill your time with movement, creativity, and joy.

And in the meantime, as Vermont has begun a careful, phased reopening plan, we have been busy doing the same at the Trapezium! We have developed extensive protocols to reduce the risks of coronavirus exposure and transmission in the space and have already begun practicing and implementing these guidelines to prepare for your return.

So far, we’ve opened the space up for a few hours a day for staff training and are pleased to be able to announce that we will be offering limited spaces for members only training, distanced private lessons, and a few small and distanced adult session classes.

We’d love to see you here and can’t wait to welcome you back with open arms—scratch that—with a wave and a mask-muffled shout across a sparsely-populated, heavily-disinfected studio. It might not be the way we pictured the welcome back celebration together, but we’ll take what we can get!

Right now students can:

  • Continue taking a wide variety of Virtual Online Classes (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/training/virtual-circus-classes/) .
  • Schedule an online Private Lesson (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/training/private-lessons/) .
  • Sign up for a training time in Members Only (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/training/custom-training-programs/#open-training) training.
  • Schedule an in-person Private Lesson (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/training/private-lessons/) .
  • Sign up for one of a few, small Session Classes (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/training/adult-session-classes/) starting June 29th.
  • OR – check out one of the virtual or in-person workshop offerings in the next few months.
  • And coming soon (available starting June 29th): Virtual Summer Camp (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/youth-camps/) with lots of options to fit your schedule!

We’re beyond excited to be able to start running these programs and hope to continue to expand the options as it is safe to do so.

For more information about our COVID safety precautions, visit our COVID Information Page (https://necenterforcircusarts.org/covid-19-information/) on our website. Or, to get answers to any questions, please contact us below.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer and we look forward to circus-ing again with you soon!

The NECCA Team