Circus School’s Next Act 

Vermont Sports Magazine

“Imagine a trapeze, a single bar suspended high above a net, free to swing between two platforms. Two women stand on these platforms, one holding the bar in her palms. One launches, lets go and then flips once, twice, three times in open space. She seems to hover for a small eternity before her partner cleanly catches her and the two swing as one. It’s only after they return to the platforms and the bar lingers empty in the air that you realize you have been holding your breath.

When audiences watch the dazzling performances of Cirque de Soleil, the Ringling Brothers or even Vermont’s Circus Smirkus, this is the precise and effortless image that they’re presented. But as the performers soaring through the air, tumbling across the mats or juggling eight clubs in dizzying arcs will tell you, there’s a world of hard work that goes into this demonstration of grace, strength and skill.”

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