photo of Madison Burke, aerial silks coach

Coaching Staff

Madison Burke

Madison Burke grew up as a dancer. She fell in love with aerial the first time she was put on a trapeze during an open house at her studio. She took aerial for 2 years before being moved into the advanced adult class at 11 years old. At age 16 she went to NECCA for the first time for an aerial teacher training. She fell in love with the atmosphere at NECCA and the new challenge it brought to her training. At 17 she did a year long teaching apprenticeship at her home studio in NH where she taught 10 classes a week. That summer she taught almost all the aerial classes at her studio from kids as young as 4 all the way to adults. Currently she is in NECCA’s professional training program, year one. She majors in silks and is very excited for all the new opportunities training and teaching here at NECCA.

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