May 3, 2024

Friday Night Flights

About Friday Night Flights

This class is for flyers at every level of ability and experience—whether you’ve never tried flying trapeze before, or you’re working on taking tricks out of lines. Beginning students will learn how to take off from the platform, perform fundamental trapeze tricks, and begin working on the ‘swing’—the bread and butter of flying trapeze.

More experienced flyers will continue to work on fundamentals and on advancing their trick vocabulary. In the last half hour of class, flyers who are ready will be able to take their tricks across to a catcher (one of their coaches) swinging from a second trapeze.


Friday, May 3 | 5:15 – 6:45 pm

The Trapezium


None! The only prerequisite for this class is age. This class is for students ages seven and up.

7 & up or by permission of instructor

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