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Circus Springboard:
What to do if your Balloon Pops?

About the Circus Springboard Shows

The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) presents the annual Circus Springboard show, featuring America’s next generation of circus artists. Circus Springboard tours New England theaters connecting rural audiences to inspiring aerialists and acrobats through the powerful storytelling of theatrical circus. The performers are soon-to-be graduates of NECCA’s 3-year professional training program and this show is the culmination of their study and development as performers and artists. This show is devised with a guest director and each year reflects the artistic collaboration of the director and performers. Stay tuned for this year’s show content closer to the performance date!

This Years’ Show: What to do if Your Balloon Pops

Step right up and witness the heartening new piece “What To Do If Your Balloon Pops,” a dazzling contemporary circus-theater show that unfolds the extraordinary journey of our protagonist, Kato, as she finds herself at a crossroads.,

Surrounded by a diverse universe of characters representing her inner self, Kato meets her enigmatic Guide who leads her through a series of breathtaking performances from a kaleidoscope of characters: the Witch of Fear, the Keeper of Fire, the Dream Goddess of Hope, and… Fred – all offering their unique wisdom. Through awe-inspiring aerial and acrobatic acts delivering heartwarming moments, “What To Do If Your Balloon Pops” is a celebration of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of the human spirit. Come learn “What To Do If Your Balloon Pops” in this enchanting, family friendly circus extravaganza that reminds us all that life’s greatest changes can lead to the most meaningful journeys.

Content: this show contains lighting effects as well as potentially startling and loud sounds.


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Our Creators

Sasha Bogdanowitsch

Sasha Bogdanowitsch is a composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and educator who writes music for theater, dance, film, concert music and original songs. He is a co-founder of World In One Pan Arts Collaborative (a non-profit arts organization) and Loom Ensemble (interdisciplinary theater ensemble). Sasha has performed worldwide and throughout the tri state area in NY venues such as: Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Symphony Space, BAM and Roulette.



Alexandra Mushinski

Alexandra Mushinski

Alexandra Mushinski

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