caitlin wallace on dance trapeze

Coaching Staff

Caitlin Wallace

Caitlin discovered circus arts shortly after graduating as a collegiate athlete. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, her love for aerial brought her to NECCA where she participated in two years of the Pro-Track training program from 2016-2018. She specializes in dance trapeze but has also trained aerial fabric, rope, handbalancing, cyr wheel, flexibility, and injury-prevention. Her aerial work focuses on moving with authenticity, is often guided by improvisation, and seeks to travel around all planes of the trapeze. Equipped with an endless fascination for the human body, she is currently pursuing admission to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.

Caitlin has completed Paper Doll Militia’s Aerial Teacher Training for Level 1 Fabric and Trapeze. As an instructor she seeks to incorporate her growing knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to provide students a greater understanding of their own bodies and movement, while also cultivating a safe creative space where students feel supported and encouraged to explore.

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