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Aili Sinclair

Aili was first introduced to circus at SANCA in Seattle as a teenager, but left circus behind at 16 when she moved to rural Massachusetts to start college. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and her MA in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where her interests centered on neurodiversity-affirming and anti- ableist psychological assessment and care. After leaving grad school in 2021 and feeling frustrated with the state of mental healthcare infrastructure in the US, Aili returned to circus and later decided to pursue it professionally as a student in NECCA’s ProTrack program, where she is majoring in aerial rope.

Aili also works as a crisis clinican focusing on hospital diversion, and a psycoeducational testing administrator. She is excited to use her time in ProTrack to explore her interests in the intersections of psychodynamic psychology, aesthetics, the commodification of healing and mental health, and physical/performance art.

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