Work With Your Body: Practical Anatomy for Aerial Artists

April 24, 2020

We use our full bodies in our aerial and acrobatic lives, and the more we know about how they work, the better we can be. Learn how to work with your body rather than against it with physical therapist, aerialist, and author Emily Scherb. Using the latest research and lots of practical, circus-specific examples, we’ll break down skills, discuss the science behind them, and identify ‘risky’ movement patterns. We’ll talk about how your shoulders, core, and hips work together to move you through space, and how the right biomechanics can help you stretch further and be functionally stronger, helping you have the most success. This class will help you understand your body—and your training—in a whole new way.


Cost: $180, 25% off for Trapeze Meeting participants
Instructors: Emily Scherb
Age: 16 & up
Schedule: Friday April 24, 9:00am – 3:30pm

About the Instructor

Dr. Emily Scherb is a doctor of physical therapy with a lifelong passion for understanding human movement. She’s been a practicing aerialist for close to thirty years, dangling from balloons, dancing in the air, and swinging from trapezes.

Over the past decade of working as a physical therapist, primarily with circus artists, Emily has gained deep insight on how circus bodies work in the air and on the ground. As she has expanded her knowledge, she has worked to share those gains with the community by providing workshops, teaching circus artists and healthcare providers, and, most recently, writing the first book to address the unique challenges to the aerialist’s body, Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts.


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