December 3 – 5

Weekend Immersion: Tight Wire

About this Immersion

Walking the wire can often be a solitary experience so don’t miss this chance to meet, learn, and create with fellow funambulists and work with tight wire dancer and coach Sarah Tapper. We will have several wires rigged at various heights so that you can try out new things down low and work on perfecting the skills you already have at 4′ or 6′. Sarah will lead participants in group warmups, solo wire, and some partner work as well as theory of balance and problem solving techniques. Most of the weekend will be spent coaching individuals at whatever level they are currently at and guiding them towards the next level.



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Sarah Tapper

18 and up.

Friday 5:30 – 8:30pm
Saturday 12 – 3pm & 4 – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 1pm

Participants must have a solid foundation and experience on the wire and should be able to cross forward, backward, turn, etc without falling off the wire. Bring your wire shoes and fans (if you use one)!


Sarah Tapper is a Chicago-based performer and coach. With a background in gymnastics and dance, she currently performs tightwire dancing, bottlewalking, trapeze, and object manipulation.

Sarah enjoys balancing on things and balancing things on herself. Her tightwire style is heavily influenced by music and intuitive movement. She likes to combine traditional tightwire technique and slackline skills with trapeze to create a unique tightwire discipline. Everything she does is infused with a light-hearted pessimism and fun. She is a mediocre ukulele player and never late. She studied at Aloft Circus Arts with Arielle Ebacher, Shayna Swanson, Amanda Crockett, Adrian Danzig, Molly Plunk, and Patrick Tobin.

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