November 26 – 27

Weekend Immersion: Russian Bar

About this Immersion

Launching and flying are some of the most spectacular pairings in circus physicality, resulting in beautiful collaborations in flight and landing. In this “first time at NECCA” workshop, participants will be given the chance to learn the basic principles of Russian Bar. Flyers will work on skills such as standing on the bar, jumping, and (based on participants experience), learning to flip, and bases will learn the art of partner support and launching. If you are interested, learn both positions! We’ll have safety lines and lots of mats, plus expert instruction – just bring your willingness to try. Bases and flyers are welcome. You will indicate after you register which position you are interested in learning based on experience and body type.

Russian bar oriented drills and exercises will also be offered in disciplines such as trampoline, partner acrobatics, and strengthening.



Jon Roitman

16 & up or permission of instructor

Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Bases and flyers are welcome.


  • Be able to hold a 30 second hollow body position lying on your back with feet and shoulders off the ground
  • Be able to base a 2 high with someone close to your own size


  • Be able to do a clean back tuck on trampoline
  • Be able to comfortably fly a 2 high with the base walking forwards and backwards

Please inform us when registering of whether you are interested for this workshop for basing, flying, or both.


Jon Roitman has a background as an international circus performer and coach, specializing in club passing, banquine and Russian bar. He is a graduate of the Montreal National Circus School, and has performed in seventeen countries across six continents including with Cirque Eloize, Vague de Cirque, and the GOP Cabaret. As a coach, Jon has been a coach-on-tour for Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour and is currently the artistic director and head coach of the Flying Gravity Circus in Wilton, NH. He is also the Circus Studies program coordinator at High Mowing high school, pioneering a new pre-professional high school track for students interested in pursuing professional circus careers. When he is not coaching, performing, traveling, or taking fun circus photos in random places, you are likely to find Jon reading a science fiction or fantasy book, learning or teaching various foreign languages, practicing the accordion and guitar, or playing a round of Settlers of Catan.

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