November 19, 2023

Ukemi (The Art of Falling)

With Alyk

About This Clinic

Ready to fall? Well, usually not. That’s the point. In this workshop, you’ll learn many tools to spread energy, minimize impact, and protect yourself instinctually so you can safely and more courageously try new skills, push yourself further, and *occasionally* impress your peers. We’ll also talk about fear, safety, and how to minimize or maximize the internal tools you need when tackling new physical challenges. We will also play with movements to develop reflexes and coordination. We’ll practice falling in “controlled” situations as well as “variable” situations. Get ready for an interesting, fun, and unique workshop that we think you are just going to fall for!


10:00 am – 1:00 pm


$95 (10% off if purchase 3 or more clinics)

Students should have the ability to safely roll over their head in at least one direction (front roll, back roll, or shoulder roll), hold an elbow plank and straight-arm plank for 20 seconds, do five push-ups, hold a hollow body (banana) on the floor for 20 seconds, and do five squat jumps.

16 & up or by permission of instructor

About The Coach

For over fifteen years, Alyk Fuller has trained, studied, and practiced the movements of Parkour and free running. Through that exploration he found and dove into performance with various Circus Arts over the last 10 years. Through trial and error, he learned to break down movements into words and actions that anybody can understand, incorporate, and participate in this world of acrobatics and performance. He teaches, coaches and choreographs partner acrobatics, beginner to intermediate aerial skills including fabric, lyra and trapeze, stage combat, circus arts like juggling, balancing, general fitness, flexibility, tricking and traditional competitive and recreational gymnastics as well as a personally developed “Ninja Warrior Program”.

You can find him on Instagram @Alykkinkade

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