Ted Lawrence

Ted Lawrence started his performance career at the UVM Silent Company in 1982 doing mime and juggling.  He got a degree and certification to teach math and physics, but also took a couple of courses from John Towsen in “Physical Comedy” and “Circus Techniques” in 1984.  By this time he was an accomplished unicyclist, stilt-walker and wire walker.  He graduated from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1986 and toured with The Greatest Show on Earth for two years as an acrobatic clown (trampoline, mini-tramp, and falls were his specialties).  In 1994 he was invited back to the Clown College as the Juggling and Hand Skills Coach.  While there he also coached teeterboard and physical comedy.  Although he took a 5-year sabbatical from circus work to teach high school, he started teaching circus camps in 1985 and has been devoted to sharing his love of circus with “townies” ever since.  Over 1000 people have been introduced to circus skills through the Van Lodostov Family Circus during the last three decades.  Ted has performed throughout Europe, in Russia, in China, in Afghanistan, Singapore, and Zambia.  He has also coached circus in Afghanistan and Zambia. His full-time job is doing spectacular science demonstrations for elementary schools (www.slapstickscience.com), and he loves to share his stories and adventures from his circus tours through his Trunkside Tales program for libraries, historical societies, Park & Rec, and retirement communities.

“NECCA is an unbelievably fantastic resource that has given my daughter strength, confidence, agility, artistry, and a close family of like-minded souls. Not sure where she would have found her place if not for NECCA.”

“This [NECCA] is a good business plan. This creates jobs, economic development, opportunity, but most importantly, it changes kids’ lives.”

“The kids had a total blast. . .we really appreciate NECCA reaching out to us so that we can all work together to serve our kids better. They were so centered, and grounded, and ready to get back to academics when they came back to school – and that’s exactly what we had hoped for them!”

“I have not felt this beautiful since my surgery. Just as cancer teaches you that you can live through stresses you never imagined, this program teaches you that your body can fly and do things you never imagined.”

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