Coaching Staff

Ted Lawrence

Ted Lawrence is a passionate teacher who loves to teach anything he knows to anyone who wants to learn it. He’s a proud graduate of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College who toured with the Greatest Show on Earth for two years. Before attending Clown College Ted was a member of the Silent Company at UVM (where he also got a BS in Secondary Ed to teach Math and Physical Sciences), and he also studied Physical Comedy and Circus Skills with John Towsen. He taught juggling and slapstick for the Clown College in ’94, and has been introducing newbies to circus arts all over the Northeast for over three decades with the Van Lodostov Family Circus. He spent 2 months in Afghanistan in 2006 teaching for the Mobile MiniCircus for Children and another couple of months with Circus Zambia in 2016. Ted has performed as an American-style clown at festivals in Russia (’90) and China (2007 & 2010), and has made audiences laugh on the streets of Europe and Singapore and all over the US. Nothing makes him more proud than seeing former students excelling at something they learned in one of his classes, be it clowning or unicycling or teeterboard or physics…. For the last 30 years Ted’s primary enterprise has been writing, producing, and presenting school shows for Slapstick Science.

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