July 10 – 14

Lyra Teacher Training with Glena Dubose

About this Teacher Training

SOAR Aerial Dance’s teacher training immersion covers our fundamental aerial hoop skills. You’ll learn to teach skills like mermaid and straddle back, entries and exits, conditioning skills and a thorough warm-up and cool-down. We’ll even cover an introduction to spin theory. Trainees will have a chance to work on the apparatus, practice teaching fellow aerialists, and get answers to your questions.

We’ll also cover injury prevention, troubleshooting, and skill modification. When you complete our training, you’ll have confidence in yourself as an instructor, in your understanding of the “why” and “how” of what you’re teaching, and in your ability to meet your students’ needs.

In addition to the curriculum of skills, this course provides training in planning a warm-up, how to spot safely and effectively, classroom management, overseeing multiple students at once, and the business of teaching aerial arts. You’ll leave class each day with homework to tackle, helping you prepare for the following day’s class.

Notes, handouts, and additional information will be provided. One month and six months after the course concludes, you’ll get a personal check-in with Gena to provide ongoing support, see how you’re doing, and answer any questions you have.


  • Included: SOAR Instructor manual, teacher training workbook, class planning templates, and notebook
  • Course Covers: Introductory through Beginner Aerial Hoop Curriculum, Proper technique, Spotting, Common Mistakes on the apparatus, Warm-up & Conditioning outline, Lectures on Class Management and the Business of Teaching Aerial Arts, and Skill Modification for all body types.
  • Must pass the Fundamentals written and practical teaching tests
  • Submit CPR & First Aid Certifications (not part of the course, can be completed online)


$1395 for early bird registration before May 1
Regular cost (after May 1) $1595

Gena Dubose

18 & up or by permission of instructor.

Daily: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Must have a minimum of 6 months of aerial hoop experience, be over the age of 18. Clean, unassisted inversions, comfort with spinning, and an understanding of body awareness are required. Must have a basic comprehension of beginner-intermediate lyra skills that can be executed without jumping.


Gena DuBose is a movement artist, aerial hoop coach and the founder of SOAR Aerial Dance. Aerial arts, specifically Lyra, has been her passion since 2009. Though Gena was never a trained dancer, she has a natural athleticism that she uses to bring her own style of movement and grace to her artistry. She has spent over 10+ years navigating her path of creativity with a focus on physical awareness, movement capabilities, and how they pertain to the human body. Through trainings in STOTT Pilates, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and ACE, she began to apply everything she had learned to her aerial practice, gaining certifications in each one along the way. Her work with SOAR focuses on collaborating with professional, and local artists to bridge the gap between recreational and traditional aerial arts. She teaches students how to thrive using creativity and technique, also helping other instructors expand on their own abilities through teacher trainings and mentorships.

She specializes in “Lyra Sequencing,” and is the creator of the Aerial Instructor Enhancement Program, a 6-week online course for instructors to learn how to enhance their teaching using creativity and technique. When she isn’t choreographing or coaching, you can find Gena sewing and creating unique back warmers for movement artists.

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