July 21, 2023

Intro to C-shaping

With Cody Hayman

About This Workshop

Gravity-defying roll-ups, controlled, gooey descents, and graceful, arching poses—all of these are within the domain of c-shaping. This workshop will methodically deconstruct its mechanics and introduce drills to target its most difficult elements, then apply it to techniques both new and familiar to add an air of elegance to your fabric practice.


July 21, 1:00 – 2:30 pm


$50 | $40 if in Fabric Meeting

Participants should have a solid hip key (any entry from off the floor), windmills/wheeldowns, and the ability to invert frequently and comfortably during a class.

16 & up or by permission of instructor

About The Coach

Cody Hayman found the circus in Olympia, WA in 2009, where he was a founding member of Airbound Underground and an instructor at SANCA. Though he started as a rope artist, Cody has picked up many other circus disciplines in the years since, including trapeze, hair hanging, and clowning. He has always had a passion for community-based circus performance, producing countless shows in Olympia and New Orleans, as well as performing and teaching all over the country for events like Sh’Bang, Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival, InFringe Fest New Orleans, and others.

Cody’s approach to teaching mirrors his approach to performing: always with a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm, and a dash of flamboyance.

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