April 21 – 24

Bar Apparatus Meeting 2022

About the Bar Apparatus Meeting

Bar Meeting is a creative space for aerialists from all over the world to meet, share, connect, learn and reflect. We’ll hang lyra, dance trapeze, static trapeze, and duo trapeze so you can train all the bar apparatus you want! Registration cost includes five hours of open practice each day, a Works in Progress showing, and time to connect with and meet with other aerialists. This is a participant driven event inspired by the always popular Rope Meetings, for aerialists with an established practice on trapeze and/or lyra.



18 and up.

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday 4 – 9 pm
Friday: 4 – 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm

For advanced and professional level circus artists with a regular bar-based practice. Participation is what drives this event, so we ask everyone to be physically involved. To support a creatively safe environment there will be no auditing or public viewing.

NOTE: Vaccination for COVID-19 and booster shots may be required for this event due to the social nature of the meeting. We will review national and local pandemic trends and will announce final protocols for the event in mid-March.

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