October 24 – 25

Workshop: Session 2 – Advanced Topics

Freestanding rig

About this Workshop

Session 2: Aerial Rigging Advanced Topics will explore more complex issues and techniques, including specialized scenarios. (14 hours) This intensive hands-on, participatory workshop will focus on principles and practices of rigging and risk management for circus, acrobatic, and aerial dance performance. It is suitable for riggers, performers, coaches, studio/facility/theatre managers, and others involved in executing or overseeing aerial performance.

Both Session 1: Aerial Rigging Basics and Session 2: Advanced Topics will feature practical demonstrations using computerized load-cell technology, and will provide access to an array of skills and techniques for safe and effective performance rigging.

Topics to be explored include dynamic loads and forces (including shock loads with live performance demonstrations), strength and properties of materials and hardware (including destructive testing), design factors and determination of allowable loads, use of non-rated and invented apparatus (including bungee), risk assessment and risk management, inspection and retirement protocols, emergency planning, manual performance rigging techniques using mechanical advantage and counterweight, touring considerations, and rigging math.

While we will touch on the basic principles underlying automated performer rigging systems, this is not an automation class and will not deal in any depth with specific systems, design, or operational considerations. The workshop will also address the provisions of the American National Standards for Performer Flying (ANSI E-1.43 2015) The workshop is led by experienced aerial rigger and trainer Jonathan Deull. ETCP Renewal Credits are available for participants with ETCP certification.


$395 each session. $770 to do both Session 1 and Session 2 combined.

Jonathan Deull

16 and up.

Oct. 24 and 25 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Enrollment in Session 2 requires prior participation in a Basic-Level workshop or permission of the instructor.


Jonathan S. Deull is deeply engaged in the study and practice of rigging for live entertainment, with a particular emphasis on aerial performer rigging for circus, aerial dance and theatre. He is an ETCP Certified Rigger (Theatre), and an ETCP Recognized Trainer. He serves as a voting member of the PLASA Rigging Working Group that formulates rigging standards for the entertainment industry, and as a Safety Consultant and member of the Safety Committee for the American Circus Educators Association, developing guidelines and protocols for aerial performance training programs and facilities. He has presented workshops on rigging and other subjects at LDI, USITT, AYCO and other industry gatherings and serves as Executive Vice President of Clark Transfer, the theatrical transportation and logistics company started by his grandfather.

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